What is this?

Voices From The Field is a new podcast series that showcases interviews with innovators who are playing lead roles in positively transforming the worlds of education and child development.

In our first season (scheduled for release in May of 2019), we will explore a wide variety of topics — ranging from social-emotional learning to family-school partnerships to education technology to children’s literature to public policy, and beyond.

Who is this for?

Anyone who is curious about what’s happening in the fields of education and child development. Our community includes educators, administrators, clinicians, researchers, parents, students, and academics. We know that “child development” is a very broad topic; our goal is to bring you interviews with individuals who are acknowledged as leaders within specific emerging areas within the larger field.

Who are you?

I am a first-year graduate student pursuing my master’s in Child Study and Human Development at Tufts University. My research interests include social-emotional learning, ed-tech, children’s media, public policy, media literacy education, and venture capital. 

In 2018, I started a blog — Inside SEL  to help deepen my knowledge of social-emotional learning, curate relevant research and news related to SEL (via a free monthly e-newsletter, This Month in SEL), and share my learnings with a wider audience.

Why did you decide to start this podcast?

I have been an avid podcast listener for the past several years — my favorites include How I Built This, Only A Game, The Pitch, and Akimbo — and was fortunate enough to train under Seth Godin and his team in the summer of 2018 as part of a new program for aspiring producers: The Podcast Fellowship.

After completing the fellowship, I spent a few months workshopping podcast ideas and pitching them to prospective listeners and sponsors. I was very fortunate to receive seed funding from the show’s featured sponsor, the Tufts University Department of Child Studies and Human Development, which helped to finalize the creation of this podcast.

How often will new episodes come out?

Our plan is to publish our first episode in May of 2019. We will then release new episodes every-other-week. The goal is to feature eight separate interviews in our first season, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that we can fulfill this promise.

Join our community!

We hope that you join our waiting list while waiting for production of Season 1 to finish up, subscribe and share the podcast once episodes are published, and — ultimately — find value in what we deliver.

Whoever you are: Thanks, as always, for listening.